Mission & Vision

To live out the Way of Jesus
in our neighborhood

The Mission

The mission of GCN is to practice and proclaim the Way of Jesus together in our neighborhood. The church is not merely a building or a worship experience, but a people on a mission. We believe that following Jesus requires us to uniquely order our lives . Our goal is to love Jesus, to become more like Jesus as the Holy Spirit fills us, and to join with God in His relentless pursuit to make the wrong things in the world right by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our conviction is that as we live this way, our lives, our homes, and our neighborhood will be transformed by Christ.

The Vision

The vision of GCN is to be a community of people who witness a city transformed by the life-changing reality of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to embody Christ in our neighborhood throughout the week, then gather each Sunday as a community committed to the Way of Jesus, the hope for the world. Our prayer is as Jesus prayed: that God’s Kingdom would come and God’s will be done in Gaithersburg, in Montgomery County, and in our neighborhoods as it is in Heaven.

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