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Hi GCN Family,

It’s been a week of snow days. Time for a quick poll (and you can reply back and let me know!). Vote for one:
  • I love the snow! I hope it snows more and more.
  • I’m ready for spring!

Regardless of how you feel about the snow and the colder temperatures, it’s prompting me to pray for those who are especially struggling in the cold. Join me in praying for people who are staying in shelters tonight, or who are struggling in other ways because of the cold.

The Ruarks are in town!
Can’t wait to hear from Brian and Rina Ruark tomorrow in our worship service. We’ll hear a word from him, updates about their ministry in Puerto Cortez, Honduras, and more about how we hope to revitalize this partnership in the future!

Speak, Lord, your servant is listening. Last week, we invited everyone to pray that simple prayer to start your day. Then, take some time to just be still. What has been your experience with that this week? I’d love to hear!

Ways to prepare for our time together tomorrow.
(1) Pray for your church family and for our mission to and with our neighborhood. (2) Visit the Cocal Gracias website (Brian and Rina’s ministry in Puerto Cortez) and consider ways to partner with them. (3) Invite someone to join you tomorrow.

Much love,
Pastor Brian

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