God Speaks

Hi GCN Family,

I think the best way to spend the first Sunday of a new year is to gather with your church family. I’m really looking forward to the start of this new series during the Epiphany season (the season that follows Christmas and precedes Lent). We’re simply calling it, God Speaks.

Noise fills our lives and fills our world these days. This is really nothing new. What we need now more than ever is to hear from God. The good news: God still speaks into our lives. His Word is alive and active. So often, the only thing missing is our awareness of this.

Here are some invitations for us in preparation for our time of worship tomorrow:

  1. Read over Genesis 1:1-5 and 1:27-28. Right out of the gate, what do you see God doing already? What is the significance of God speaking light into existence (v. 3)? What does it mean that, just after God created humans in his image, he blessed them (verse 28)?
  2. Download the GCN MOBILE APP (Click here if you have an Apple Phone) (Click here if you have an Android). Once you are on the app, you can click “Sunday Morning” and then access the message notes for tomorrow under “Message Notes.” Our goal is to have those accessible by Friday, in preparation for Sunday, each week. Just one more way to connect with GCN.
  3. Pray for those around you who are struggling, who do not have a relationship with Jesus, and/or who do not belong to a community of people who are trying to follow Jesus (the church).
  4. Take a moment and invite that person(s) to join you for our worship service tomorrow. 10:30am. Send that text. Make that phone call.

Also, a look at things coming up soon:

  • Night of Prayer. Sunday, January 14th @ 6:30pm. The purpose of this is simple: To gather and pray. To seek God. To invite God in. To pray for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done right here in our neighborhood as it is in heaven. I hope you’ll mark your calendars, set aside time, and plan to be a part of this night.
  • Ruark Family. Joining us on Sunday, January 21st. Many of you know Brian and Rina Ruark. They lead a wonderful ministry in Puerto Cortez, Honduras, called Cocal Gracias. GCN has partnered with Cocal Gracias for many years, and we have plans to reinvigorate this partnership in the coming months and years. Looking forward to that Sunday, and hearing more about the future of their ministry and this partnership.

Much Love,

Pastor Brian

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