Jesus Speaks... / Baptism?

Hi GCN Family,

We have been in a series called God Speaks. Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the clearest audio the world has ever heard of God speaking: Jesus. One theologian said it like this: “Jesus is what God has to say.” It’s always such a joy to gather as a church family and lift high the name of Jesus. Question: who can you invite to join you tomorrow?

BAPTISM. Within the next few weeks, we are planning a baptism service. If you have a relationship with Jesus, but have not yet been baptized, I hope you’ll consider baptism. It is an outward and public sign of what Christ is doing in your life. To find out more, click here, fill out your name, and select “I’d like to learn more about baptism.”
One more thing. A great way to prepare for Sunday mornings together is to check out the Message Notes ahead of time. You can find that on our Mobile App. If you haven’t already downloaded that app, you can click here (for iPhones) or click here (for Android).

Much love,

Pastor Brian

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