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Hi GCN Family,

When Jesus called his disciples, he simply said, “Follow me.” I think that word, “follow,” means two different (but related) things: (1) It means that Jesus is calling us to become more like Him, by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are called to do what He did. Love our enemies, forgive 70x7, speak truth to power, and show grace always. (More on this part of following Jesus this Sunday!) (2) In a more literal sense, following Jesus means…well….that we follow him. We walk towards him, and with him. It’s step by step, day by day, walking with Jesus.

So, what step of that journey are you on? For some of us, maybe you’ve taken that step of putting your faith in Christ, but you haven’t yet taken that public step of baptism. Baptism is a beautiful act that represents the forgiveness of sins and the new life that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. Are you interested in being baptized? If you have a relationship with Jesus, but have not yet been baptized, I encourage you to take this public step! In several weeks, we’re planning to have a Baptism Sunday here at GCN. Take a moment and let us know if you’re interested in baptism, and then we’ll be in touch with you about next steps. You can click here, and then select “I’m interested in being baptized.”

Let’s also be praying together. Here are some key ways to pray for our church’s mission to our neighborhood and beyond, these days:
  1. Pray for discernment in our ministry to and with Stewartown Community Center. Is God calling us to a long-term tutoring ministry? Or job-skills training? Or something else there? We need the wisdom of God, which is why we pray. Also, pray over Pam Taylor, the Resource Director at Stewartown.
  2. Pray for those who come through our parking lot each Food Distribution on Tuesdays. Certainly, pray that their needs are met, but also pray for our church to engage in more ways that we can serve and love people right here in our neighborhood.
  3. Pray for those moms who are a part of our Embrace Grace ministry on Tuesday evenings. God is working.
  4. Pray for the young people who play basketball (and pickleball too!) in our Life Center on Wednesday evenings. Pray for even more fruit from this ministry that has been happening for many years. I’m often reminded of something Dwayne Herndon said several years ago: “When kids come here to play, we’re not just giving them a place to play basketball, we’re sometimes saving their life.”
  5. Pray for a bigger imagination and even bigger Holy Spirit-inspired dreams for how God wants to lead us to embody the Good News of Jesus to and with our neighborhood and schools and jobs.

Much love,

Pastor Brian

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