3rd Sunday of Advent / Light in the Darkness

Hi GCN Family,

I’m typing this in the early hours on Saturday morning. The house is still quiet (which is a rare thing in the Schafer home). Outside, it’s still dark.

I think it’s fitting that the season of Advent lands during the time of the year when we are inching closer and closer to the darkest day of the year. It’s almost like all creation is recognizing that darkness can feel overwhelming, but still, Light is on its way. Christmas is coming. The poet and author, Wendell Berry, put it succinctly like this: “It gets darker and darker and darker, and then Jesus is born.” To that, I say, “Amen.” If things are feeling dark or heavy today, I am praying for you. Our God is coming to us!

At Advent, He is God coming to us. Looking forward to worshiping Him together tomorrow. Pastor Lauren is bringing the message, from Isaiah 61. You won’t want to miss hearing what God has laid on her heart.

Ways to prepare for our time of worship together. (1) Read Isaiah 61:1-4. Questions to ponder: What is the result of the Spirit of God on me? What is the outcome of the Lord anointing us? (2) Take time to be still and to ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit. (3) Pray for God to show you who in your life is hurting, and then pray that God would use you to minister to them. (4) Invite others in your life to join you tomorrow.

Thank you for giving and loving. On Thursday night, some GCN-ers were a part of the Christmas party at the Stewartown Community Center as we partnered with Pam Taylor and her team. Thank you for donating a dozens and dozens of toys for kids and dozens and dozens of gift cards for families. This is what it looks like to embody the Good News of Jesus to and with our neighborhood. God is good!

Much love,

Pastor Brian

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